Modular freezer room for ice cream

Project Description of Modular freezer room for ice cream in USA

The dimension: 3X2X2.5m with 0.8mX1.8m hinged door, it is built in a warehouse;Modular freezer room

The temperature: -25℃, common temperature for ice cream storage, it can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

The voltage: 220V/60HZ/1PH, although it is a special voltage, condesning unit machine is customized.

The wall: 150mm PU panel with two sides 0.426mm thickness galvanized steel sheet; CFC – Free polyurethane panel tough groove dry joint with cam lock; Density is 44kg/m^3;

Because ice cream storage must be in low temperature, so modular ice cream freezer is the best choice. The common ice cream modular freezer room which is different from other vegetable freezers, ice cream modular freezer room require a much lower temperature, generally around -25℃, because if the temperature in the freezer is not low enough, ice cream can easily soften and deteriorate, leading to poor taste quality.freezer room for ice cream
The Main Parts of Ice Cream Modular Freezer Room
PU panel. Modular ice cream freezers have strict requirements for PU panels, which need to be no less than 150mm thick, and most of them are made of high quality polyurethane, because this kind of panel does not appear easily deformation and can hold heat for a long time, make true long – lasting durable.
Condensing unit: needs cryogenic units to provide cooling capacity, our company partners areGerman Bitzer, Emerson Copeland, Spain Kide monoblock unit, etc, world famous brand, refrigeration efficiency and service life are The performance of these refrigeration equipment is stable and can ensure the safe use of ice cream freezers. Modular ice cream freezer require more stringent refrigeration equipment, cooling systems and control systems must be safe, reliable and stable, and can be warned in time to ensure the freezer temperature is normal.Condensing unit with Bitzer compressor
3. Unit cooler: DJseries with CE, OnlyKem brand.Unit cooler
The cost of building a modular ice cream freezer

The cost of building a modular ice cream freezer varies depending on the size of the area. For example, the price of a 30 square ice cream freezer and a 100 square ice cream freezer is certainly quite different, and the additional cooling equipment is different, the price is different, the same area of freezer, machine configuration is different, the prices is also different.

Summer is the time for ice cream freezer to come into play, and customers must build ice cream freezers ahead of time if they want to use them in the peak season. Building an ice cream freezer is a necessary option for manufacturers as well as wholesale and retail businesses.

What should we pay attention to when installed?
Generally, modular ice cream freezer must be installed before summer. If it is an enterprise that produces ice cream, then it must be protected against cold storage throughout the year. If it is a wholesale cold drink enterprise, it should also be prepared in advance for sale in the peak season. Today’s cold drinks tend to be on the market in the spring.
The design of the modular ice cream freezer in factories and enterprises should be reasonable. They should not only guarantee the storage of ice cream in the storage room, but also the low temperature in the production workshop and during transportation, that is to say, it must involve the normal operation of the whole cold chain. It is often necessary to consider comprehensively.
The size, temperature, position of the unit, the opening of the door, the layout of the freezer, etc., they can be customized according to the specific requirements of users, to maximize the needs of users.
The installation of modular ice cream freezer should choose the appropriate geographical location. Because the refrigerating and compressing units are operating with a loud noise, they are generally far away from residential areas. Of course, if the machinery and equipment are small, the noise is still within the scope of control. This will require specific planning on specific issues.
Regular ice cream hygiene management to ensure that ice cream freezers are frozen and kept in good condition before ice cream is stored.

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